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Crafting and Designing for Commissions
So, the Thursday before PAX I went to the Dentist to have some cavities filled. Well SURPRISE I needed a root canal. It wasn't a terrible experience and didn't think much of it then. Well I got home today and in the mail I got my benefits notice. Turns out my dental insurance doesn't cover root canals. To which I am kind of WTF? about. Well, this leaves me with a huge and unexpected bill.

So, I need to make up some extra cash.

I'm going to keep it simple, I can do a few things for you:


Selling some goods!

I am selling Manga, DVDs, and Video Games.

Examples include Boys Over Flowers 1-4, Here is Greenwood 1-9, Rule of Rose PS2, Chibi Robo Park Patrol DS.

PAX East report

PAX East was “Da Bomb.”  I had a really great time, the only thing that was missing was having more of my friends there.  So it went down like this or something…

Thursday, went to work a hour early to leave early.  Left on mad drive though the Poconos because I wanted to avoid North Jersey and New York City figuring even if the Pocono route was supposed to be like a half hour longer I’d save time because there would be like no traffic.  Outside of a couple mile spread, I was right.  It was pretty easy going driving.  It was strange to go though the Poconos though since I had done a lot of stuff up there as a child and hadn’t been back in years.  It’s a lot more built up but not incredible so.  I did pass some of the canoe rental places we had gotten canoes from and Fernwood which is a big resort that we stayed at some point.  What was also awesome about going this way was the only toll was a dollar!  And there wasn’t a toll going back this way.  Rock! FU GW and your 5 buck toll!  Haha I avoid you something fiece.

It took like 4 hours but I got to Leah’s house.  No one was ready, I guess shouldn’t be surprised.  There was the question of Leah’s brother coming but he had school work so he didn’t go in the end.  It wasn’t a big deal anyone on my side since it’s not like I Thursday night plans, I just didn’t want to drive up Friday morning.

Leah had to juggle some stuff for our mysterious roommates.  It turned out they were both pretty cool.  Scott writes for and Jason was a programmer from down south.  It was also nice to share a room with only three other people.  Everything stayed pretty clean this time!  Both Leah and I over packed though.  I got to work on that on.  The only con I brought the exact amount of stuff I needed was Anime Boston.


So, Friday we all got in line for the opening ceremonies and keynote speech.  We waited in the line for a few hours.  It wasn’t a big deal, nothing happen until two pm anyway.  We ended up chatting with our roommates and playing a game of Guillotine since there wasn’t anything better to do.  I tried to use the net but I guess so was everyone else because it was stopped.  The keynote speech was pretty cool, given by Wil Wheaton.  Which I fine amusing on how he has become some geek idol, since for years he was made so much fun of on the net.  Then Gabe and Tycho came out and answered questions, some of which were not questions.  Such as the Action Castles thing which a dude came up and started playing it with them (it’s like live action Zork) and Gabe was all like WFT?  And Tycho was like nah, man I got this.

At some point Leah and I entered a Super Puzzle Fighter II tournament.  Leah had to leave for important reasons; I didn’t get too far myself.  I was having issues with the Xbox controller.  WTF?! Is wrong with that thing?  It’s like pushing half harden molasses around.

Leah, Jason, and I ate at the Chilli Duck which was an awesome Thai place, we had some bitching food.

We went to the concert afterwards, and saw the Protomen (which is like a prog rock band based off of Megaman, who are very serious about it), Anamanaguchi (which is some trippy NES synth band).  I skipped out on Metroid Metal to go see the Geek Nights panel on “Losing should be fun” which was an interesting panel on how to make losing a interesting part of the game and not just an annoyance.  I went back for Mc Frontalot but at that point I was pooped and only stayed for a couple of songs and went back to the room.


Saturday was also pretty crazy.  Here is what I can remember.  I went to a Tetris DS Tournament.  In the warm up rounds I did great but then when I really faced off I lost.  First round was neck and neck, the second round I messed up and could not get back from it.  Next time I’ll practice a head of time!

I then didn’t have much to do so I went to one of the booths selling pen and paper rpgs.  I was looking for a copy of The Burning Wheel but they were sold out.  Then one of the guys was running a game demo so I was like sure.  So I played Human Contact (a Module of Shock: Social Science Fiction) with the game creator.  It is a pretty boss game that I’ll make a separate post for.  I liked it so much that when I found Leah later I was like you have to play this game, and went back and had the guy give us another demo.  Leah was unsure at first because I suck at describing stuff but after playing a bit, you could see her face light up.  Like Oh, Shit!  This is the bomb!  (Ok, maybe not like that).  I ended up buying Human Contact and ordering Shock since it was sold out.  The creator of the game even blogged about the game we played with him.

I went to the Retronauts panel, to see Kurt from Hardcore Gaming 101.  They did a podcast of the panel, which you can download here.  The panel was cool, it was about collecting.  Something I both miss and feel relieved that I don’t do anymore since that shit costs a lot of money and takes up a lot of space.  I do miss the adventure of finding cools stuff though.

I did not realize Jeremy Parish was such a big internet celebrity.  Everyone wanted to talk to him.  I remember years ago with his Toasty Frog website.  1up has a meet up at a bar across the street after the panel but uh…the bar was already rather full when we got there.  We thought there would be a room for us or something but no, it was a just packed bar.  I hung out with Kurt and a few others from Hardcore Gaming 101 we left the bar because it was lame and went and played the ColecoVision in the classic game room.  Every time should be Burger Time also!  I hope to get to see them at Otakon.


Sunday we got up and got ready to leave and Jason and I went to Action Castle, which started late.  It was like Zork expect we all took turning giving a command which was rather amusing when we starting going up and down the same set of stairs over and over again.  We didn’t get to stay for the Jungle Explorer though because we had to leave to get our stuff.  I said good bye to Jason which I am rather shitty at.  Checked out, got my stuff and checked it.

I checked out the Expo floor and got some cool buttons, and waited like a hour for the chance to play Puzzle Quest 2 (we look like we got it right edition).  Also checked out those really sweet gaming tables of which if I ever have both space and money I would so totally get.

Meet back up with Leah for the closing ceremony, which was the last round of the Omegathon.  The contest was a game relay of 4 games that were unknown to everyone until each one was unveiled in turn.  The games were Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, Tetris, and Contra.  There were two teams of two and as the first person complete their goal the next team member would start.  It was awesome expect for the all the hardware malfunctions and they had to start over again.  Making the team that would have most likely have won lose.  Also the one dude sucked so hard at Tetris it wasn’t even funny.  How can someone be that bad at Tetris?

We got our crap and drove back to Leah’s where her Mom made yummy tacos.  I drove back though things were so running late at this point and it was pouring super hard but the time I drove into New York State I had to take it a lot slower than I did on the way up.  By the time I had a hour and a half to go, I was freaking pooped so I stopped at some dinner called the Gap Dinner and had a cup of tea, then drove the rest of the way.  Omg, at the end I was so falling asleep.  I had to hit myself to make sure I didn’t.  Thankfully I didn’t and got home, emailed my boss to say I was going to be an hour late and passed out.  

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Oh Shit!!!!
Holy shit! The health-care reform just passed!

What time is it? It's Adventure Time!
Remember Adventure Time? (I'd link it but Cartoon Network took it down from youtube.)  Well now it's going to be a full series on Cartoon Network and it starts airing April 5th!

Here is the official website.

Check out videos clips on youtube.

I can't wait!

Summer Wars - It's like Pudding Pops awesome but doesn't last forever...
Finally watched Summer Wars. That movie was fucking boss. I wish I could have watched it with everyone in Virgina last week. I think it would have been a good enjoyable movie. It's directed by Mamoru Hosoda who also directed The Girl Who Leapt Though Time. I think I like Summer Wars better. It's mover over the top but not in some super animu way, but in a lets just have fun way.

The main character is a young math genius Kenji whom spends most of his time immersed in the internet world of OZ. It's like super-flat AOL/MMO/Second Life where tons of business and governments run things, and pretty much everyone has an account. He is asked by a girl at school, Natsuki, to come to her family home for a summer job for a few days. To Kenji's surprise it was to pretend to be her finance in college. Don't worry this doesn't last long and it's found out because when the world of OZ is hacked and Japan is brought to a standstill and it looks like Kenji's the main suspect. OZ has been taken over and someone is using his avatar to do it. Kenji, Natsuki, and her family must put a stop to it before the world is in danger.

There was a ton of characters in this movie but I found them all enjoyable and I really like how the family interacted with each other. It really makes you feel that families all around the world really are not all that different.

This was just a really well crafted, nice looking movie. It's not something you want to think to hard about (the whole eating avatars for power doesn't really make sense) you just watch it for the ride.

This movie is really different from The Girl Who Leapt Though Time but is also very similar. Both have a same kind of feeling to them. If you liked The Girl Who Leapt Though Time or like just really fun movies I highly suggest checking out this movie.

Why can't things in life be more obvious?
I'm pretty depressed but instead of writing how depressed I am...I am going to write a bit about the choices I have which is causing me confusion, and aggravation which is making me depressed.

Most people know I'm kind of rock stuck in a hard place right now. I don't have a job, my job prospects are iffy, I am out of unemployment, and I have zero savings to fall back on. This is all pretty shitty but these factors and I have also caused the conundrum that now that I am pretty much rock bottom there are a few things I can do, but there is no obvious best choice.

Here are some of my choices:

Continue Looking for work:
Continue to look for work in NoVa
    -Be left with few/no friends
    -unsure how stable things would be, don't have money to continue much longer
    +If found a job it would be decent paying most likely
    +Like the home I live in and my roommates

Go back to PA live with my parents
    +Have some friends in the area
    +Wouldn't have to worry so much about money situation
    ---Living with parents
    -If I found a job the pay may not be that great and that's a bit if

Go to CA and live with friends and try and look for work
    ++Be with friends
    -unsure of job market
    -Only doable if I stay with friends (but I don't want to be a burden)

Go Back to college

    Go back for Masters in my current field @ Bloomsburg?
        +would be reasonable priced (comparatively)
        +would not have to take GRD to get in
        +would only take a year
        -school out in the middle of no where
        -Party school most likely will feel out of place

    Go Back for another Bachelors in a different field @ AISF?
        +Would most likely, like the school
        ++School would be near friends
        +School in a major city
        --School very expensive
        -Not sure if I want to change carrers
        --May not have what it takes to do it
        -Not sure which major to take
             I could take:
                  Visual & Game Programming — Bachelor of Science
                       +Looks intresting
                       -Requires programing (which is something I know I am not good at)
                      +If I managed to do it, it would be extremely fulfilling
                      -May not be able to do it
                  Game Art & Design — Bachelor of Science
                      +Has lots about game Design
                      -Has lots of animation (not really interested)

So all of my choices have good and bad things about them and none of them seem better then the others.  If you have any advice I would like to hear it, I think I need some fresh perspective. 

You get games I get rent!
OK, I have listed all my crap up on ebay that I am trying to sell right now.  As I am trying to make enough money for rent please let everyone you think might be interested know.  Here are the listings:

Sega Saturn - Game console w/game Shining Force III
With box and manual:
Magic Knight Rayearth
Pandemonium! [box is broken]
Shining Force III
Shining Wisdom [manual has piece missing from cover]
Disk only:
Night into Dreams
Panzer Dragoon II [has sticker on disk game does work fine though]

Genesis/SEGA CD w/ Phantasy Star II-IV & more *RARE*

Genesis games with box and manual:
Phantasy Star II
Phantasy Star III
Phantasy Star IV
Shining in the Darkness
Streets of Rage 2
Streets of Rage 3
Genesis games with box only:
Wonder Boy in Monster World
Genesis games cart only:
Chiki Chiki Boys
Dynamite Heady
Gunstar Heroes
Shining Force II
Streets of Rage
SEGA CD games with box and manual:
Bram Stokers Dracula
Dark Wizard
Dracula Unleashed
Eternal Champions
Mansion of Hidden Souls
Revenges of Vengeance
SEGA CD games disk only:
Adventure of Willy Beamish, The
Lethal Enforcers
Mad Dog McCree
SEGA Classics: Arcade Collection
Sewer Shark
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Vol. II
WWF Rage in the Cage
CD only and requires 32x which is not included:
Corpse Killer
Night Trap

Super Nintendo/SNES with Games including Zelda

Games with box and manual:
Super Castlevania IV
Zelda: A Link to the Past
Games with box only:
Tetris Attack
Games cart only:
Kirby's Avalanche
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Bundle of 21 NES games Castlevania, Zelda *Rare*
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse [Manual]
Duck Tales
Dr. Mario [Manual]
Goonies II, The
Ikari Warriors
Mickey Mousecapade
Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom
Puss'n'Boots: Pero's Great Adventure
River City Ransom
Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3
Tiny Toons
Yoshi [Manual]
Zelda [Gold Cart]
Zelda II: The Adventures of Link [Grey Cart]

Clear Nintendo Gameboy *Rare*

Silhouette Mirage PS1/PSX Action Shooter

Rival Schools PSX Soundtrack & arcade insert

Complete Set of Extra Large One Piece UFO Catchers RARE

Panel @ Otakon 2008
Just to let everyone know I will be running a panel along with  glitteringloke at Otakon 2008 entitled "Murder, Mystery, and Manga!" We will be covering some Anime also, it just didn't sound as snazzy in the title. It is Sunday morning, 9-10am, in Panel 2 (rooms 324-326). If you like detective, mystery, or suspense titles, drop by and maybe you will hear about a title you haven't checked out before!

Last Day!

Ok it's the last day these items are up on ebay, if you are interested or know anyone who would be please share.  I love you long long time!

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